Local Experiences in Naples

Join S&G Tours and explore with us the region's best sights!
Our monthly calendars offers a variety of wallet friendly tours to the most popular destinations! Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvius, Sorrento, Vietri, Capri, Rome, Wine Tasting Nights and many others! We take care of everything....so all you have to do is "sit back and enjoy the ride"!

Get ready for a tasty journey of discovery through the scents, flavors, and colors of Mount Vesuvius. We'll begin your cooking class with a walk through our organic garden at the foot of the mountain to select ingredients, and then move on to the kitchen, where our cook Ester will teach you the secrets to some of our most beloved dishes, which you will prepare together under her careful guidance.

Enjoy a delicious meal in our favorite Cave restaurant, located not too far from Naples.
This beautiful agriturismo in Corbara, in the Monte Lattari area, allows dining on a beautiful terrace overlooking Mt. Vesuvius. You will be able to taste some of the amazing local wines of this area and enjoy a full-course lunch with regional specialties. If you need a change of scenery from the usual places, then let the S&G Tours care of planning your yummy Lunch or Dinner!

Get ready to experience Pompeii like never before! Our full immersion in history and culture will take you to a “destination” restaurant where you will delight your taste buds with dishes that used to be served and eaten during ancient Roman times. We’ll travel back in time over 2000 years, and will experience wait staff, dressed in Roman clothing- serve delightful dishes, prepared as if you were living with the Romans. Wear traditional clothing, savor unique specialties, and travel back in time, during this exclusive Lunch trip!